Panic buying fueled by rumours affects RON95 supply in Kapit

Long queue at one of the stations spawned by rumours that there is no fuel in Kapit.


SIBU: Panic buying fueled by rumours has affected the supply of RON95 in Kapit today.

The supply of RON95 was depleted in one of the three petrol stations there. However, supply of RON95 fuel is still available in other two stations.

Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism (KPDNKK) assured that shipment of the fuel will reach Kapit today and supply will return to normal tomorrow.

KPDNKK Sarawak chief enforcement officer Abdul Hafidz Abdul Rahim revealed that their inspection showed that there is no delay in shipment.

Instead, he said the supply of RON95 was affected by the rumours that there will be no supply of the fuel when in actual fact, shipment is already on the way.

“But this is due to panic buying which stemmed from depleted supply of RON95 in one of the stations in Kapit. There is a slight congestion in other station there to purchase RON95, which further triggered more panic buying.

“The panic buying caused by purchases using tong for outboard use and consumers refusing to wait or queue up to purchase RON95. In other words, people are buying in larger quantity than usual.

“There is no problem with the supply of diesel in both stations,” he said when asked on the Facebook posting about no fuel circulation in Kapit.

Abdul Hafidz clarified that only RON95 is affected but the other two stations still have supply of the fuel (RON95).

He pointed out all three stations there do not stock RON97 as there is no demand.

Turning to the public, he asked them to remain calm as this is just a temporary disruption.

“The shipment will arrive tonight and loading will be carried out. The supply of RON95 will return to normal tomorrow,” Abdul Hafidz assured.