Money turnover of corn sales Rp1,4 Trillion

PELAIHARI, S Kalimantan: Regent Tanah Laut, South Kalimantan, H Bambang Alamsyah said the turnover of money from the sale of farmers corn in the district in one year is Rp1, 4 trillion, AntaranewsKalsel reportedr

“Agricultural business opportunity in corn commodity is very promising for farmers in Tanah Laut, especially in some subdistricts in this area,” said H Bambang Alamsyah, in Pelaihari, Saturday (10/2).

According to him, from the corn farming, the welfare of farmers in the Tanah Laut is very encouraging, even their living standards are very well.

The potential of corn commodity business in Tanah Laut is unquestionable, he explained, because there are two animal feed factories ready to receive the corn harvest of farmers.

For that, he asked, to the farmers in the area continues to improve their crops for better welfare and standard of living.

Related to that, he said, the local government continues to increase the development budget in the agricultural sector, so that this sector in the district is more advanced and affect the welfare of farmers.

Based on data from the Tanah Laut Government nearly 70 percent of residents in the district work in the agricultural sector, especially food crops and livestock.

He said with the results of this farm, Tanah Laut became one of the national corn centers and beef providers in the region of South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan.

“Let us together increase agricultural production to affect the welfare of farmers in this area,” he said.

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