Police deny workers were rioting in Sibu


ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit

SIBU: The police here denied foreign workers had rioted at a plywood factory in Sungai Bidut this morning.

Sibu district police chief ACP Stanley Jonathan Ringgit clarified that it was just a group of foreign workers who did not want any levy deduction from their monthly wage and hence, they stood up for their request.

“The situation could be tense, but, there was no chaos. Policemen comprising personnel from the CID and others were there to ensure there was no untoward incident.”

He said a company’s representative had talked the matter over with the workers.

Stanley said this when asked to comment on a photograph in social networking that alleged a riot had occurred in the down-stream factory.

He confirmed the riot did not occur.

He said the photographs posted in social media, he said the photographs were on burning of rubbish believed to have taken place near a workers’ hostel.

“It was one in front of the workers’ hostel at 11am, and the workers were burning rubbish.”

Last December, the Human Resource Ministry in a statement said, effective January this year, all employers must bear the cost of levy payments for new foreign workers as well as foreign workers who have renewed their Temporary Employment Visit Pass (PLKS) Pass.

According to the ministry stern action would be taken against employers who failed to comply with the law, regulations and policies with regards to the foreign workers’ levy payment.

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