ULM made car targets Top 10

ULM Rector Prof Sutarto Hadi is launching Bauntung Evo 04 car and seeing off Wasaka Team to depart for Singapore. (Image credit: Antarakalsel/foto/firman)

Banjarmasin, S Kalimantan: Lambung Mangkurat University (ULM) targets energy-efficient cars made by Engineering Faculty students named “Bauntung Evo 04” into the top 10 at the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2018 competition at Changi Exhibition Center Singapore 8- March 11, 2018, AntaraNewsKalsel reported.

“We pray together that Bauntung Evo 04 to get maximum achievement according to the target of the top 10,” said ULM Rector Prof. Dr. Sutarto Hadi, Monday.

He was speaking during the grand launching of Bauntung Evo 04 as well as the release of Wasaka Team of ULM departure to Singapore.

Sutarto, who fully supports Wasaka Team’s participation in international events, hopes that the students will continue to develop their creations, thus creating an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly future car from South Kalimantan.

“Hopefully this year we can also launch a vehicle-class city car that strengthens the ULM as a superior university that can compete in the national arena and even the world,” said Rector.

While the Dean of Engineering Faculty of ULM and Manager of Wasaka Team Yulian Firmana Arifin expressed optimism to fight in this year’s competition.

“The team is very big hope to win in this competition because in 2017 we are at 19 big positions,” he said.

With all the improvements both in engine, body, as well as several other components, Yulian ensured Bauntung Evo 04 is much better than the previous product, Bekantan Hamuk.

“So this car is the development of Bekantan Hamuk, which has been made very light, so it can reach speeds up to 500 Km per liter of fuel,” he explained.

The Wasaka Team, headed by Aries Aditya Kurniawan, consists of at least nine students who sit in the eighth semester.

The ULM team is one of 26 teams in Indonesia that follows this year’s event in Singapore in prototype class with gasoline fuel.

It has been recorded there are 144 teams from 19 countries in the Asia Pacific and Middle-East that ensures following the annual prestigious event.

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