DPRD check for agriculture and transportation infrastructure

BANJARMASIN, S Kalimantan: Members of Commission III for Development and Infrastructure of the South Kalimantan Legislative Council (DPRD) reviewed the development of agriculture and transportation infrastructure during their working visit from 12 to 14 February 2018, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

Commission III is divided into two groups in their Working visit, namely group I led by the chairman H Supian HK SH, and group II led by the Deputy Chairman H Syafruddin H Maming S.Sos.

Group I went to Tabalong District to see the development of Kinarum Dam construction, and group II to Kotabaru to review the road between Tanjung Serdang – Lontar, Pulau Laut.

In addition, they check the development of land acquisition for the construction of Pulau Laut Strait Bridge that will connect the island with the mainland of Kalimantan.

“We need to check the Kinarum Dam in Tabalong, the construction of which has been halted because the contractor has been away,” said the commission member H Hormansyah SAg, SH before leaving for Tanjung (the district capital about 236 kilometers north of Banjarmasin).

People’s representatives from the electoral districts of South Kalimantan V, namely Northern Hulu Sungai (HSU), Balangan and Tabalong, hopes that the construction of the Kinarum will be completed and function for irrigation of rice fields.

A similar statement came from Ismail Hidayat, another member of the commission, that the review is as an evaluation.

“Moreover, the increase of Tanjung Serdang – Lontar road and the construction of South Pulau Laut Sea Bridge also use South Kalimantan budget, therefore we need to review the development,” he said.

“We hope the road between Tanjung Sedang – Lontar Pulau Laut will be maintained so as not to disturb the smoothness of traffic, especially at the atmosphere of Lebaran transportation later,” said the representative of the council of South Kalimantan VII/ Banjarbaru and Tanah Laut.

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