Bakip presents RM50,000 in tithes to needy students


(Fourth row from sixth left) Rhymie and Rakayah are seen during a photo call for the event.

KUCHING: The Petronas Muslim Welfare Association (Bakip) handed out RM50,000 in tithes to 200 needy students recently.

The tithes were collected from Petronas’ Muslim staff.

Each of the 56 recipients, from hardcore poor families in Kuching, received a school bag and stationery worth RM85, as well as RM165 in cash.

“Petronas understands that we cannot move forward without education, so we see how they tirelessly invest in the education sector.

“Education is not owned by the Education Department. We all should take ownership of it. We must all care. Education is the only way to change lives,” state education director Rakayah Madon said in her speech.

Petronas Sarawak general manager Shamsur Taha said Petronas is committed to improving the quality of education in Sarawak.

“Since 2010, we invested around RM400 million to support education and the development of human capital in Sarawak. This is done through our Corporate Social Investment programme carried out by our headquarters and operation units in Bintulu and Miri,” Shamsur said in a speech read by Petronas public affairs manager Rhymie Rashidie Ibrahim.

Last year, 46 Sarawakian students went on to pursue their education in renowned universities locally and abroad under the Petronas Education Sponsorship Programme.

Petronas is also working with Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) to financially help outstanding students from underprivileged families to study at Mara Junior Science Colleges (MRSM) in Sarawak, as well as building a new MRSM in Bintulu.