Fans pledge support for embattled Crocs

The final and dismal scoreline in the recent Sarawak-Felcra FC match.

KUCHING: Some fans have come out in support of the Sarawak team and Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) in the face of the most recent defeat in the Premier League which was followed by match fixing allegations.

According to Haffiyan Hamid, the Crocs need to keep their focus for the next match and not be demoralised.

“I’ve watched their performances and I have trust in this newly formed team. They had the game play and synergy needed to become a top team,” he said.

Haffiyan had attended both the home matches against Kuantan FA and then Felcra FC when Sarawak conceded three goals in the dying minutes while two goals ahead.

“The fans have trust in the players. Despite playing in the evening, there are still hundreds of them coming in droves. This shows how much the fans support the team,” Haffiyan reiterated.

Fans also have some suggestions for the FAS to help engage the players and their followers. Mohammad Taufiq Muhammad said the management of team updates can be improved, especially via the social media.

“Look at Kuching FA which has frequent updates on their social media. Despite being a small team, they had better public engagement, especially on the team update,” the 22-year-old said.

“Crocs fans are not limited only to Kuching but there are thousands out there across Sarawak and outside. The social media are the only medium for them to get quick updates especially on every match,” he added.

Taufiq pointed to the example of English Premier League teams which have long employed social media for updates on matches. These updates, he said, are very professionally done rather than just posting a few sentences to update the scoreline.

The Crocs will next play against Sabah away at Likas on Feb 24.

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