Fish processed products, alternative business for women

AMUNTAI, S Kalimantan: An abundance of catch and aquaculture fish production in North Hulu Sungai, South Kalimantan provides business opportunities for women or housewives to increase family income, AntaranewsKalsel reported.

One of the housewives who pursue this business is Yulianti in Penyiuran Village, South Amuntai. Her job as a civil servant in the Technical Service Unit of the Agriculture Agency does not prevent her to open a business.
“Actually, I once participated in training to make chicken nuggets held by the Agriculture Agency, but I change raw material to the fish because of it nutritional value is higher,” she told.

Yulianti admitted, the benefits she gained from fish processing business can reach 100 percent. For example, with a capital of Rp50 thousand, she can produce 110 nuggets that she sells Rp1000 per piece.

The marketing still depends on orders from relatives and friends, because the manufacture of processed fish products must be fresh without preservatives. “In the future, I really want to make packaging products for network marketing can be more extensive,” she said.

Some of the processed products had indeed packed with the trade label “Mama Rara” like chicken nuggets of vegetables and root nuts, but marketing is still limited to Amuntai.

Yulianti said that she is still learning to produce processed products such as sausage, nugget, fish balls, and sempol fish. Fish ingredients that she often uses are the fish meat of patin (silver catfish), nila (tilapia) and gabus (snakehead fish).

She claimed to have four years in this business without having employees who help, except the husband who often helps if there are orders in large quantities.

Yulianti divides her time for office work with her business, so on workdays she is only able to produce hundreds of sausage and nugget, but on holidays she produces thousands of pieces.

Yulianti food processing business has attracted the attention of the Fishery Agency who often asked her to be a resource or instructor training in the villages.

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