Sceptics can talk, but Abg Jo will deliver

Abdullah Saidol

THE announcement made by the Sarawak CM during the launching of Petros must first be viewed from an objective angle.

It’s another milestone by the new CM in his firm quest to  fulfil his economic agendas for the state, amongst others, basically to strengthen the state coffers.

Before this, massive development plans and huge allocations for the state were also announced, and more is to come as part of his Digital Economic Scheme, which he wishes to embrace and pursue.

Knowing very well that he cannot depend too much on federal funding to accelerate his various development plans, especially the infrastructural needs of vast rural areas,
the CM is in the midst of strengthening the state’s financial position.

The PM Najib fully understands and appreciates CM Abang Jo’s persistent pursuits with the federal government are none other than to secure a better deal for Sarawak.

I also believe PM Najib  sincerely acknowledges that such hopes and expectations are equally shared by all Sarawakians.

Contrary to any negative perception and scepticism, PM Najib’s inclination to accommodate CM Abang Jo’s legitimate solicitation  for better accommodation for Sarawakian was accomplished and there’s more to achieve because, genuinely, mutual respect between these two leaders does exist and is deep-seated.

Now, to address a political question of whether this significant news will boost  PM Najib’s popularity in Sarawak.

Applying a less extreme apolitical test, in a nutshell, I believe non-sceptic Sarawakians will support a leader who frequently shows his enthusiasm and has proven his commitment to bringing good things to Sarawak.

And I have no doubt that the majority of Sarawakians want a federal leader with this appetite and devotion towards Sarawakians to continue having such a constructive relationship with our state’s leadership.

Risk that for a change or so-called reform, with whom to lead at federal level? Nobody is an angel, but devils do exist.

On the balance of all political probabilities, I believe the majority of Sarawakians will pick an honest-to-goodness deal.

Those pursuing through wicked and twisted political propaganda offering a faux ‘New Deal’, including those being caught with an ill-founded imagination that this nation desperately needs pivotal reforms are those vacuously risk our future by choosing obvious uncertainties.

Abdullah Saidol is Assistant Minister of Corporate Affairs.


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