Miri FA protests against unsafe playing field in Kelantan

Flour is used to mark lines on the field for this evening’s match.


MIRI: Miri FA is protesting against the Bola Sepak Rakyat League (LBR) 2017-2018 quarter final match with Rantau Panjang, Kelantan scheduled for this evening.

Miri FA head coach Mohamad Hakimi Man said the protest is done as the field for the match in Pasir Mas Stadium is below standard and not safe.

“We have forwarded our protest to the management of LBR as the field is not according to specifications and not safe to play on, ” he said when contacted in Kelantan just now.

Hakimi said the match was scheduled to take place at 4.15pm, but as the condition of the field is unacceptable, they had to protest.

“Even the line on the field are only made using flour. The field is also sandy and there are small rocks or gravel on the field which could be dangerous to players, ” he pointed out.

However, said Hakimi, if the protest is not accepted, the management of LBR must change the venue of the match to a better and more suitable field.

“We are now waiting for the decision by the LBR management, and there is a possibility that the match will be moved to Mohamad IV stadium tonight,” he said.

Miri FA is currently in Pasir Mas Kelantan for the second quarter final after a tie of 2-2 in the first quarter final match in Miri last Saturday.

If the team win this round, their dream to play in the final of LBR will come true.

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