Vital to correct misunderstood concept of ‘jihad’ — Perkim Sarawak


MIRI: Members of the Muslim community in Sarawak, particularly women, have been urged to continue playing their role in showing non-Muslims the true perspective of ‘jihad’ in Islam.

Malaysian Muslim Welfare Organisation (Perkim) Sarawak chairperson Dato Hanifah Taib-Alsree said continuous commitment from the Muslim community is vital to correct the misunderstood concept of ‘jihad’ in Islamic teaching.

“There is a negative perception on jihad, thus giving bad image to Islam. Now, it is the time for us to give good perspective on jihad which has been badly tarnished by those with selfish agenda,” she said when officiating Perkim Sarawak’s 30th annual general meeting here yesterday.

Hanifah said it was important for Perkim members in the state to view the concept of jihad in a bigger context. She said in the context of jihad for defence, the Muslim community is required to safeguard the country from any violent elements.

“The modern jihad context for defence also requires Muslims to increase the growth of economic development, uphold the law system, keep political stability, and increase the people’s welfare and health for better community wellbeing.” At the same time, she also reminded members that it was important to always be receptive to new information in order to increase one’s knowledge.

“Efforts to increase knowledge do not come only through reading, as we have to understand and practise what we have learnt in our daily life. Only then will we be a knowledgeable Muslim who can make an effective contribution to the success and the wellbeing of the community and religion.”

On Perkim, Hanifah encouraged the organisation to set up new branches and for the existing branches to increase their respective membership.

More than 200 people including delegates and observers throughout the state attended the AGM, including Minister of Welfare, Community Well Being, Women, Family and Childhood Development Dato Sri Fatimah Abdullah who is also Perkim Sarawak vice chairperson I, and Perkim Sarawak vice chairperson II Datin Noraini Hussin.