SMK Marudi hosts youth programme


James officiates at the programme. Also seen is SMK Marudi senior assistant Mohammed Ami Jeli.

MARUDI: SMK Marudi hosted a  ‘Program Belia Generasi Gemilang TS25’ organised by Yayasan Generasi Gemilang yesterday.

James Valley Harry from the Baram Education office, who represented Baram education officer Seripah Azizah Wan Hussain at the event, said the training would help students develop a high sense of responsibility, discipline, and leadership skills.

On the School Transformation Programme 2025 (TS25), he said it is among the Ministry of Education’s efforts to improve the quality of students and schools.

He explained that TS25 is one of the country’s efforts to build quality human capital.

The three objectives of TS25 are to empower the school leadership, maximise the potential of teachers and students through improving the quality of teaching and learning, as well as to strengthen the involvement of parents, the community, and stakeholders for the success of the students.