Jeffrey urged to lodge police report over reverse takeover


Datuk VK Liew

KOTA KINABALU: Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) Permanent Chairman Datuk Liew Vui Keong has urged Parti Solidarity Tanahairku (STAR) president Datuk Dr Jeffrey G. Kitingan to lodge a police report over the latter’s statement that said a reverse takeover by immigrants of the State is imminent following the victory of Warisan.

Liew said that it is unfortunate that such a distorted and narrow minded view was calculated to cause fear and anxiety among the people of Sabah.

“I want him to make a police report immediately so that the police can start investigating into his allegation and to determine if there’s any truth in what he said. Otherwise, he will have to face the consequences of making fake news.

“It’s a fact that our newly appointed Chief Minister Datuk Sri Shafie Apdal is of Bajau-Suluk descent. Such fact is known to everyone. It’s strange that his ancestry suddenly becomes an issue now, but the issue was never raised when Shafie was holding various positions in the Federal Government and his previous political party for the last 30 years.

“Why now? It’s obvious that these bunches of political desperadoes have run out of ideas and issues. I would rather wish that they focus on policy matters rather than personal issues in their statements,” Liew said.

On Sunday, Jeffrey issued a statement saying that he made the decision to join Tan Sri Musa Aman after he saw illegal immigrants celebrating Warisan’s election wins, loudly in the streets of the state capital.

Liew who is also the Batu Sapi member of parliament said that the fact that Shafie won an overwhelming support both from the Chinese and the KadazanDusun Murut Rungus voters in the last poll went to show the people of Sabah, from different backgrounds and ethnicities, have thrown their support behind Shafie.

“Throughout the campaign period, I had sufficiently told the voters in Batu Sapi that there’s nothing to be worried about when Shafie becomes our Chief Minister. After all, we have had a variety of Chief Ministers of different ethnicities since independence in 1963 starting with Tun Fuad Stephen, Tan Sri Peter Lo, Tun Mustapha Harun, Tan Sri Harris Salleh, Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan, Tun Sakaran Dandai, Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee, Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, Datuk Seri Osu Sukam, Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat and Tan Sri Musa Aman.

“Hence, Datuk Dr Jeffrey’s accusation that a sudden influx of ‘new citizens’ over Shafie’s recent victory has no basis. It is just his imagination.

“He spoke of the 1970s when the late Tun Mustafa Harun was our CM. But strangely Dr Jeffrey conveniently forgot that his brother, Pairin, whom he defeated at the recent poll in Tambunan, had made a 180 degree U-turn.

Pairin was the CM for nine years from 1985 and later on a Deputy CM for decade, and held various ministerial positions since 1980s, yet he failed to address the issue on illegal immigrants.

“Even until today Pairin had failed to tender the RCI report. The Sabah people are left with a lacuna as to what happened to the RCI that was carried out with taxpayers’ money,” he said.

Liew also said that a netizen whom he knew personally was making wild allegation on Facebook that illegal immigrants were causing chaos in Keningau when celebrating Shafie’s victory. The poster also accused that the illegal immigrants were being intimidating to the locals.

“I quickly texted him to lodge a police report and told him that I will contact the district police chief in Keningau to verify the truth of what he said. I also told him that if there’s any truth in what he is saying, I’ll personally go to Keningau to see the situation for myself. Obviously until now I didn’t receive any reply from him,” Liew added.

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