Malaysia Airlines releases Malaysian Hospitality video

Experience Malaysian Hospitality with Malaysia Airlines.

KUCHING: Malaysia Airlines on Monday released its Malaysian Hospitality campaign video on YouTube, following its brand refresh announcement at the Golden Lounge, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in March.

Malaysia Airlines CEO Izham Ismail said the video showcases the attributes of Malaysian Hospitality.

“It reminds us that no matter what, we are first and foremost Malaysians. The whole campaign not only revisits the essence of Malaysia Airlines as the national carrier of the country, but also reemphasises to the world what the values of being a Malaysian are,” he said in a press release yesterday.

“Malaysian Hospitality is something that is innate in all Malaysians. As a nation we are hospitable, welcoming, warm and genuine, something inculcated in all of us from young. It is this that binds us and unites us in harmony. These values are something we, as the national carrier, are proud to bring to the world on behalf of all Malaysians. Traveling with Malaysia Airlines is to experience what is truly best about Malaysia as Malaysian Hospitality begins with us.”

Malaysia Airlines is running its MH Deals special sales promotion until June 8, for immediate travel until June 15 on selected destinations. The MH Deals will offer customers more than 30 per cent off airfares, discounts on 10kg prepaid baggage allowance, as well as standard seat selection.

All fares include 30kg check-in baggage allowance for Economy Class and 40kg for Business Class and meals. The campaign is visible across all Malaysia Airlines social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, WeiBo), and will be on print and digital outdoor advertisements across Malaysia.

The one-minute 42-second campaign video tells the story of a little girl who learns the traditions of kite-making from her father. She aspires to be a cabin crew member after seeing a television advertisement on Malaysia Airlines.

Fast-forward to today, as a Malaysia Airlines cabin crew member, she holds strongly to her cultural and traditional values, which she reinforces in her travels, when she meets new people and when she wears Malaysia Airlines’ iconic kebaya.

The video also shows the practice of hospitality in the day-to-day lives of each and every Malaysian.  The video can be viewed at

The airline will introduce the Malaysian Hospitality icon, which was inspired by the motifs and colours of its cabin crew’s kebaya, in every advertisement.

The abbreviation MH, is derived from the airline’s flight code and will be the code for all staff to live the values of Malaysian Hospitality which are genuine, efficient, and progressive.

The MH icon is also a QR code, which will direct viewers to its campaign page and, eventually, will allow viewers to enjoy more of Malaysian Hospitality through promotions and discounts.

Malaysia Airlines’ latest campaign rebranded ‘Malaysian Hospitality Begins With Us’, aims to elevate travel into a truly Malaysian experience which is the intent of Malaysian Hospitality.

Malaysian Hospitality encompasses all aspects of customer experience in its products and services including the newly refurbished lounges in KLIA, various digital innovations, new wide-body aircraft, and the introduction of the latest Best of Malaysia menu on-board.

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