Boy found after being lost in jungle for one night

A Bomba personnel carrying the boy after he was found.

KUCHING: A two year boy was found by rescuers around 9.30am this morning after being lost in a jungle for one night.

According to a statement from the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba), the victim, Alvincent Amy was found safe some 2.5km away from his home and is brought to a nearby clinic for medical check-up.

Based on a police’s statement last night, the boy was said to be playing at his house’s compound before his mother realised that he had gone missing around 5pm yesterday.

It is also understood that the boy have a “rather” fixed routine with his grandmother –  whereby they would be visiting their farm, located some 2km away from their home.

This became the vital lead for rescuers who conducted the joint search made up of Bomba, the police’s K9 unit, Rela and 25 villagers.

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