Owner of 27.7 gram syabu-syabu caught by police

KANDANGAN, S Kalimantan: Owner and dealer of narcotics type of syabu-syabu, NU (48), resident of South Hulu Sungai (HSS), was caught by joint team of Satresnarkoba (Drug Detective), Jatanras (Crime and Violence Unit) and Intelkam (Intelligence and Security Unit), AntaranewsKalsel reported.

HSS Police Chief Adj sr Comr (AKBP) Rahmat Budi Handoko through Head of Public Relations Division First Insp (Iptu) H Gandhi Ranu S in Kandangan on Monday (18/6) said NU was arrested based on information obtained by police from the citizens.

“The perpetrator tries to fool the officer by storing the illicit goods in three different places within his house, but thanks to the carefulness and accuracy of the officers such evidence can be found,” he said over the phone.

NU was arrested at his home on Jalan Banyu Barau, Sunday (17/6) night, after police conducted a check and found a large package of syabu-syabu with a gross weight of 15.72 grams.

The large package is wrapped with plastic clumps and duct tape, put in a black wallet then wrapped in a cigarette case. NU placed it under the house’s westafel.

After that was found again two packages are syabu-syabu weighing 7.55 grams, under the bedspread in the bedroom. The discovery of the evidence continued with seven small packages of syabu-syabu with a gross weight of 4.00 grams in the bathroom.

“Then re-examination, found a black digital scales and a pack of plastic clips placed under the cabinets in the bedroom,” he said.

NU and all evidences have been secured at HSS Police office for legal proceedings and is charged under Article 114 of Junto 112 Law Number 35/2009, concerning storing, possessing, and distributing narcotics of type syabu-syabu.

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