Baby elephant found alone in Ladang Brumas, Tawau

Baby elephant found at Ladang Brumas.

KOTA KINABALU: A baby elephant was found at Ladang Brumas, Tawau at about 3pm on Tuesday, 10th July 2018.

Spokesperson from Sabah Wildlife Department, Siti Nur’Ain Ampuan Acheh said that in a statement today, adding that Tawau Wildlife Office received a report from the plantation regarding a baby elephant found wandering alone without any elephant group in sight.

“The wildlife district office personnel were sent to investigate and secure the baby elephant. It was found in weak condition but aware of its surrounding.

“On the scene was a Veterinary Officer from the Tawau Veterinary Services Department, to provide medical assistance on the baby elephant.

“The baby elephant was brought to Tawau and also given milk formula. At the same time, it was also given fluids intra-venously,” she said.

Siti added that the baby elephant was later transported to Sepilok and arrived there around 5.30am on Thursday.

A full medical check up performed found that the baby elephant is bright and alert and receptive to drinking milk.

He still looks slightly dehydrated so it was given oral electrolytes.

Some small wounds were found in different parts of the body and is now being treated.

He is a male around 2-3 weeks old weighting 95.5kg.

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