Tebedu district needs Bomba, health clinic, says Manyin

Manyin (seated centre) and other guests in a group photograph with the participants.

SERIAN: The Tebedu district here needs a Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) station and a Type-3 Health Clinic to improve government services in the area.

Tebedu assemblyman Dato Sri Michael Manyin Jawong said the Bomba station and public health facility are vital to ensure it is safe and secure for companies and industries to venture into Tebedu and set up operations, especially at the already completed Tebedu Industrial Estate.

He was optimistic that once these companies and industries set up their operations in Tebedu, this will lead to creation of many job opportunities and the youths there do not have to migrate elsewhere to look for jobs.

He also disclosed that sites for both facilities have been identified, but nothing had materialised under the previous Barisan Nasional federal government. As such, he vowed to pursue this matter with the current Pakatan Harapan government in the hope they will implement it after considering the people’s interest.

“I will not stop requesting for these facilities to be built, in order to attract industries to set up operations in the industrial area. When factories are set up there, there will be many job opportunities. This was my promise before, to ensure our youths work here and do not have to go to Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang and Selangor to look for jobs.

“This is the effort I have been doing, and I am not going to stop. If I retire one day, I hope my successor will continue what I left behind. But as long as I am the ADUN (assemblyman), I will continue to make sure Bomba and Type-3 Health Clinic will be realised in Tebedu,” he said.

Manyin, who is also Education, Science and Technological Research Minister, mentioned these in a dialogue session held during the closing of Youth Transformation Programme organised by Saberkas Tebedu branch and Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports at the Ranchan Multi Purpose Hall here yesterday.

Several youths had taken the opportunity to ask Manyin during the dialogue session, and one of the questions was on plans to provide more employment opportunities for the youths in Tebedu.

According to Manyin again, he had also hoped the Tebedu Inland Port near the border would provide job opportunities but this could not be fully realised due to trade restrictions between Malaysia and Indonesia.

He also disclosed that the idea of setting up a duty free zone was mulled for Tebedu at one time but this could not be achieved due to economic reasons.

Meanwhile, Manyin in his speech praised the organisers of the event which encourages youths to be bolder in facing the challenges of the highly connected world where youths now compete at the global stage.

“You must have the courage to speak up and talk on current issues. This event is a good platform to train yourselves for the changes taking place in the world.

“You no longer compete with friends in the village or in the district. But now you compete with friends from all around the world,” he said.

Also present at the event were Serian Resident Johnathan Lugoh, Saberkas Serian chairman Dr Simon Sinang Bada and the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, Youth and Sports officer Paul Kawin Pipo.

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