Wonderful Indonesia Festival in Entikong 2018

The Ministry of Tourism of The Republic of Indonesia will hold Festival Wonderful Indonesia in Entikong Border, Sanggau Regency, Indonesia at August 18th – 19th 2018.

As one of the tourist attractions, this event is expected to be a place to boost happiness and mutual welfare. As we all know, tourism becomes one of the leading sector in the world due to its key roles in export revenues, job creator, enterprises and infrastructure development. It has become one of the largest and fastest growing economic sector in the world with continuous growth of international tourist arrivals for the past 50 years. Festival is one of the major events that contributes on this growing number, it attracts tourists to local community events and have major effects on the local economy directly and indirectly to both side.

Sarawak and West Kalimantan have cultural roots that can strengthen the bond between the countries and encouraging more collaboration for community welfare. Through Wonderful Indonesia Festival, those cultural diversity will be brought to the international stage and be shared with neighborhood country, especially to the people of Sarawak. Where Sarawak with thousands of people could delight in a wonderful entertainment and attractive games. “Through this wonderful event, hopefully we could – Sharing Our Similarities and Celebrating Our Differences”, said Sapto Haryono, Deputy Director for Area Kalimantan, Sarawak, Brunei, & Sabah.

Ministry of Tourism will present Dangdut and Malay music concert for Wonderful Indonesia Festival. Indonesian dangdut singers, Uut Permatasari, who famous for her single “Putri Panggung”. This dangdut singer is also famous for “Goyang Ngecor”, which is swaying by lifting one leg while spinning by sticking the other foot to the ground. “Dangdut and Malay are two favourite music genres in borders, so it is specially presented for people in the border” he said.

Audiences not only able to enjoy the dangdut concert. In addition, there will be some attraction, such as:

1. Band performance: Sanggau Pusaka (Genre: Pop)

2. Sanggar Tari Dahlia (Represent of Culture around the Border: Dayak, Melayu, & Chinese dance)

3. Ikatan Seni Mahasiswa (Represent West, Central, and East Region of Indonesia; Minang, Bali, & Sulawesi)

4. The Race/Perlombaan (Panjat 2 Pinang, Sumpit Selipar Gergasi, Cari Koin dalam Tepung, Balap Kelereng, Tarik Tambang, Balap Karung, Makan Kerupuk, Ambil koin dalam Jeruk, Pukul Air dalam Plastik, Balap Kelereng).

For registration, please contact: Mrs. Wahyu Widayati (Ibu Ayu), phone number : +62813 5210 7809

5. Expo: Fabric, Cullinary, & Craft

6. Doorprize & hundreds of souvenir

Visitors can enjoy all these activities on the courtyard of Tini Hotel, a distance of 2 hours from Kuching, and only 6 minutes from the border. For those who do not have a private vehicle, the committee will provide 2 shuttle buses from the border to the venue.

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