Men remanded on suspicion of injuring duo

MIRI: Two men arrested on suspicion of injuring two other individuals, one of whom is a woman, were yesterday remanded for four days by a magistrate’s court to facilitate the police investigation.

Lower court registrar Brian Bryan Mason allowed the remand application by assistant investigating officer Sgt Chiu Ann Yan from the central police station here.

In his application, Chu said a woman filed a police report at the central police station on Monday (Sept 10) claiming that at 7.50pm, she and three male cousins were attacked by two other men at their rented house in Pujut 1D.

The 24-year-old complainant said one of the men was a friend’s husband, while the other was unknown to her. She claimed the unknown attacker hit her in the face using the holder of a machete, while the known attacker punched one of her cousins on the cheek, under his eye, and above his eyebrow.

During the attack, the woman’s other two cousins managed to flee the scene.

Acting on information received, around 3.30pm on Tuesday (Sept 11), police arrested a 39-year-old man at a house in Pujut Corner on suspicion of his involvement in the case. Fifteen minutes later, police arrested the second suspect, a 25-year-old man, at the same location.

During the second arrest, police confiscated a 78cm samurai with holder and casing, which was kept in the living room of the house, as an exhibit.

In his remand application, Chiu said as the police investigation could not be completed within 24 hours, a four-day remand order was needed under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code for both suspects.

Apart from that, the police also needed time to record cautioned statements from the suspects and witnesses. The court allowed the application and the remand order will expire on Sunday (Sept 16)

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