Saturday, April 1

Rethink decision for Pan Borneo Highway to bypass Brunei – MP


Datuk Henry Sum Agong

LAWAS: Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s recent decision on the proposed Pan Borneo Highway project connecting Sarawak and Sabah bypassing Brunei continues to receive mixed reactions from the public including political leaders.

The latest to voice his views was Lawas MP Datuk Henry Sum Agong who wanted the implementation of the Pan Borneo project to be continued as planned.

He said the Pakatan Harapan (PH) federal government should consider the importance of the route through Brunei as it would shorten travelling time compared to the alternative route through Long Lopeng to Marudi and Long Lama, which could take almost ten hours to Miri City instead of just three hours through Brunei.

“The proposal to build the Pan Borneo Highway from Miri City direct to Lawas through Brunei should be continued.

“This is because the route is less time-consuming with just three hours to Miri through Brunei as compared to 10 hours if it goes through the hinterland in Long Lopeng to Marudi and Long Lama (not through Brunei),” he said when met by the media.

Henry added the original route for the proposed highway through Brunei too has other far reaching effects such as in facilitating the bringing of goods from Sarawak to the global market through Brunei.

He also said other aspects should be considered, like maintaining regional relations as opposed to safeguarding personal political interest.

“We are not opposing the proposed alternative route, but other aspects should be taken into consideration, especially finance as the PH government wanted to be prudent in their spending,” he said.