Tuesday, September 26

DVS assures sufficient anti-rabies vaccines


Dr Slymie during the recent meeting of Miri Disaster Management Committee chaired by Datuk Lee Kim Shin (fourth right), Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture.

MIRI: Dog owners in Miri are assured that there are enough vaccines for the second batch of free mass rabies vaccinations for dogs which will be held here starting today (Oct 6).

Divisional Veterinary officer Dr Sylmie Al-Harir said new stock of 3,000 vaccines arrived yesterday from the department’s headquarters in Kuching.

“We have enough stock of vaccines for the current free mass rabies vaccinations.

“We expect some 1,000 dog owners to come during the two-day operation on Saturday and Sunday, October 6 and 7 in the three locations – Lutong SHELL Basketball Court, Taman Awam Miri, Bumiko and at Taman Bulatan Miri in Piasau Jaya,” said Dr Sylmie when contacted yesterday.

She urged dog owners to bring their dogs which have not been vaccinated against rabies to come to the nearest locations in their respective areas.

“Dog owners, your cooperation is greatly needed to ensure the success of the anti-rabies campaign.

“Don’t take the rabies outbreak lightly, vaccinate your dogs and keep them in a lock up area and don’t let them roam freely in public places,” she said adding that dog or other pet owners should neuter their pets.

“For the vaccine to become effective the dogs must be three-month-old and above and are not pregnant and breastfeeding,” she pointed out.

Dr Sylmie was glad some 1,000 dog owners in Miri came forward to have their dogs vaccinated at the department’s clinic at Pelita Commercial Centre, during the past few days.

She said an average of 200 dogs owners came daily for the free rabies vaccination for their dogs, while some also requested for home visit which the department will not do, due to shortage of manpower.

“Those needing home visit for the vaccination, we suggested them to obtain services of the private veterinary clinics but they have to pay for such services,” she said.

So far this year, a total of 4,620 dogs in Miri have been vaccinated under the free mass rabies vaccination programmes, which were carried out jointly with other government agencies under the Miri Disaster Management Committee.

For further information, contact the Veterinary Services Department, Miri at 085-411866 during working hours from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm.