Wednesday, June 7

Supermarkets within MBKS jurisdiction to ban single-use plastic bags during weekends


Dr Sim (second left), Chan (third left), MBKS councilor Mohamad Taufik Abdul Ghani (second right) and MBKS deputy mayor Hilmy Othman (right) visit one of the booths set up at the MBKS building lobby in conjunction with the Environmental Awareness Week 2018.

KUCHING: Effective Dec 1, all major supermarkets within Kuching South City Council’s (MBKS) jurisdiction will ban the use of single-use plastic bags during the weekends as part of the local council’s green initiatives.

The participating supermarkets are H&L, TA Kiong, Giant, Teck Kong, Unaco, Boulevard Shopping Mall, Everrise, Cold Storage and many more.

“I hope more companies will join this wonderful method to make our environment beautiful,” MBKS mayor Dato James Chan Khay Syn said during the Environmental Awareness Week 2018 held at MBKS auditorium here today. .

He also urged members of the public to practise 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – in their life to reduce environmental degradation.

“My city council is very committed to do its utmost to make Kuching South a more pleasant and gracious city to live and work in,” he said.

Recycling of paper reduces air pollution by 74 per cent and water pollution by 35 per cent while each ton of paper recycled can save seven small trees and 32,000 litres of water.

During the event, Chan also announced the launched of an apps named ‘OOber Recycle App’ to assist environmental conscious residents to place collection orders for their recyclable items.

By placing collection order through the apps, a designated personnel will be sent to the resident home to collect the recyclable items before sending it to the recycle centre.

Developed by Triple-C Recycle Sdn Bhd, the apps can be downloaded from Apps Store and Google Play and it is currently available in Sarawak only.

Among the attendance was Minister of Local Government and Housing Dr Sim Kui Hian.