Saturday, September 23

Police arrest 3 suspects in 4WD theft


MIRI: Police here believe they have solved a recent robbery case involving a 4WD vehicle on Jan 3 with the recovery of the vehicle and arrest of three suspects including the buyer.

District police chief ACP Lim Meng Seah when contacted yesterday said police recovered the 4WD vehicle in Long Lama, Baram and arrested a man believed to be the buyer on Saturday.

“The vehicle has been found and the buyer has been arrested. The case is solved in 36 hours,” he enthused.

On Friday, police arrested two men in their 30s at a budget hotel in the city centre to facilitate investigation into the theft of the 4WD vehicle which occurred at Jalan High Street here.

On Jan 3, a 48-year-old woman lodged a police report after her 4WD was stolen at Jalan High Street and that the perpetrators had injured her elderly mother who was inside the car during the incident.

The woman had left the car’s engine running with her mother waiting for her inside the vehicle while she went to a nearby money changer.

Upon returning, she could not find the vehicle.

She later received a call from her mother who related to her that their vehicle was stolen and that she had been left near a restaurant in Jalan High Street.

The elderly woman was also hurt after being punched and kicked out from the vehicle by the suspects.