Sunday, September 19

State JPJ to conduct festive ops from Jan 29-Feb 12


SIBU: The state Road Transport Department (JPJ) will conduct statewide operations from Jan 29- Feb 12 in conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year (CNY) celebration.

Its director, Mohd Syafiq Anas Abdullah when speaking at the JPJ Sibu assembly here on Friday said the operations would involve JPJ personnel and units in all divisions who would go on patrols as well as conduct checks on the streets.

Moreover checks on buses in the state would be carried out throughout the operation period to ensure that they are always in good and roadworthy conditions.

Mohd Syafiq Anas Abdullah

“Before the commencement of the operation, JPJ personnel from the automotive engineering division of Sarawak would check express buses at the bus companies’ depots across the state to ensure the buses are safe for use.

“I want all personnel involved in the operation to focus on bus terminals and road patrols to ensure JPJ enforcement personnel are always there in the streets,” he added.

Mohd Syafiq said in order to ensure the successful implementation of the festive operations, branch heads need to discuss how to run the operation with their personnel.

“If there are personnel who are on leave but are required to work at the appointed time, they will be recalled as practised by other enforcement agencies.

“This is because the leave is not their right but privilege only and the director or branch head has the authority to call them back for duty,” he said.

Meanwhile, on another matter, he said the state JPJ will receive 13 Land Public Transport Agency (SPAD) personnel from the peninsula who will take up temporary posts from Jan 1-Dec 31 2020.

He said they would be stationed at the state RTD and branch enforcement division as needed.

Mohd Syafiq also reminded state JPJ staff not to bring out issues in their social media accounts due to dissatisfaction that could affect the interest and image of the department.

“If you want to express your feelings, never post them in FB, Twitter and so on as we have seen a lot of such posts in the social media from our personnel as all these will be monitored by the headquarters,” he advised.

He said the state JPJ had taken action against personnel who were found to have posted on social media accounts which insulted colleagues and defamed the department through exchanges and warnings.

Therefore, he said any issue or problem should be discussed among themselves in order to find the best solution.

“As civil servants they need to maintain professionalism,” he added.