Friday, January 21

Currency-rose bouquet hot item this Valentine’s Day


Chocolates are among the favourite gift items for Valentine’s Day. This arrangement costs RM499.

KUCHING: Valentine’s Day is always driven by market forces of demand and supply, and this is reflected in the price of Valentine’s Day bouquets.

For example, a special bouquet made up of RM100 and RM10 notes amounting to RM990, which are beautifully folded like flower petals, is sold for RM1,000.

Jenny Jee, one of the workers of the vendor stalls at Jalan Tun Jugah here, in front of the 101 Premier Commercial Centre, said such special arrangements (ringgit-note bouquets) are rare given the value of the money which, surprisingly, many customers would go for.

“We do get orders like this one and it is quite a hot item this Valentine’s Day. One needs to pre-book with us. For this arrangement, the price will take into account the value of the folded notes. If customers want us to wrap them with beautiful ribbons and balloons, each may fetch up to RM1,000,” she said.

This flower arrangement that includes candies and a plush toy, which goes for RM199, is suitable for children and couples alike.

According to her, they have been selling flowers for Valentine’s Days for a number of years at the same spot, which is considered a strategic location for passing motorists and patrons of the commercial centre.

“The response has been great (this time), compared with last year’s.”

Jee disclosed that roses and carnations are more expensive than any other flowers on Valentine’s Day.

“It is the same everywhere you go. A stalk of rose sells for RM50 on Valentine’s Day compared with only RM10 on ordinary days. But people still buy them for their loved ones because it is, after all, Valentine’s Day,” she said.

There are seven or eight booths selling all types of gifts and flowers this Valentine’s Day, along the road besides the 101 Premier Commercial Centre.

Jee said the business has been good over the past few days, with many customers opting for custom-made bouquets. She added that customers’ preferences come in various forms.

Jee shows an expensive Valentine’s Day bouquet, with the petals comprising RM100 and RM10 notes.

“If it’s the man giving it to his wife, he would buy roses; parents buying for their children, they would go for roses/carnations with chocolates or soft toys,” she said, adding that the two flowers are imported from India and Cameron Highlands.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on Feb 14 each year, with people sending messages of love and affection to their partners, families and friends. Couples send Valentine’s Day cards and flowers and spend special time together to honour their love for each other.