Sunday, September 25

RWMF reaches target of 12,000 visitors, says Abdul Karim


Alena Murang performing on stage. — Photo by Roystein Emmor

KUCHING (June 19): The 25th edition of Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) has reached its attendance target of 12,000 visitors, said Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Dato Sri Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah.

“On the first day, we had about 2,000 visitors; yesterday about 7,000; and today, we have about 3,000.

“I was not expecting that kind of reception after the reopening of our borders, but to my surprise, many came over to Sarawak to enjoy the show.

“Apart from that, we have quite a number of foreign dignitaries — ambassadors who are based in Kuala Lumpur — joining us in the festival,” he said at a press conference at Sarawak Cultural Village here tonight.

Abdul Karim (center) speaking to reporters at a press conference today. — Photo by Roystein Emmor

On the breakdown of attendees, Abdul Karim said about 92 per cent of them consisted of Malaysians while the remaining eight per cent were foreigners coming in from 41 countries.

In terms of physical attendees, the top five countries were Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Indonesia and Australia.

“(From Europe) We have attendees coming in from Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, France, Scotland, Switzerland, Turkey, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Portugal.

“On those from Asia, we have Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Yemen, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei and Oman.

“From Oceania, of course we have attendees from Australia and New Zealand,” he added.

The final day of RWMF began with a series of workshops, arts and crafts exhibitions and live shows in selected venues — including a sape class by Persatuan Anak Seni Sape Kuching (Pusak) and a ‘Rocking In’ session which gained traction from enthusiasts.

Tonight’s spotlight was Sarawak’s own Rining Peter Paris and Razali Kulintangan from Sabah. Alena Murang also made an appearance alongside Nikita Sarna.

International performers on the last night of RWMF include Timo Vaananen from Finland, Warsaw Village Band from Poland and Stephen Seifert from USA.

Also present at the press conference were Deputy Minister of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Datuk Snowdan Lawan and permanent secretary Hii Chang Kee.