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We encourage commenting on our stories to give readers a chance to express their opinions; please refrain from vulgar language, insidious, seditious or slanderous remarks. While the comments here reflect the views of the readers, they are not necessarily that of Borneo Post Online. Borneo Post Online reserves the right not to publish or to remove comments that are offensive or volatile. Please read the Commenting Rules.

Here are the rules:

  • 1. Please be civil. Being rude, mean or disrespectful is not good.
  • 2. No racism, profanity or harassing comments.
  • 3. No inflammatory statements specifically when naming a business or people who are not public figures.
  • 4. Do not post comments that accuse or insinuate a person of a crime in which a person is not charged.
  • 5. Commenters can reference one another and discuss stories but no name calling or personal attacks.
  • 6. No SHOUTING. Please post in upper and lowercase. We may not publish the occasional “ALL CAPS” comment.
  • 7. Do not post anyone’s personal information, such as phone number or family information.
  • 8. Stay on topic. Post comments and opinions related to the story subject matter.
  • 9. Comments that promote criminal activity or vigilante justice are not allowed, nor comments that promote violence, assassination or other types of harm.
  • 10. Do not post comments that are sensitive to grieving families.

Borneo Post Online reserves the right to decline comments on stories that involve sexually-related crimes where minors are involved. Borneo Post Online reserves the right to change or amend these guidelines at any time. Borneo Post Online may ban commenters at its discretion.



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