Petronas Gas announces more flexible fourth GPTA

KUCHING: Petronas Gas (Petronas) announced its fourth Gas Processing and Transmission Agreement (GPTA) on March 31 with several changes including a separate remuneration computation from the processing and transportation division, different variable rates and a shorter duration of coverage of... more »

Five-year plan for NPF control

NPF down 6.73 pct from 10.7 pct as at end of 2008: Kuwait Finance House SEPANG: Islamic bank group Kuwait Finance House Malaysia Bhd (KFHMB) is eyeing at a five-year plan to control its non-performing financing (NPF) to industry average.... more »

SP Setia boasts sales growth

KUCHING: SP Setia Bhd (SP Setia) recorded new sales of RM900 million as of March 22, according to the company’s president and CEO, Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin, AmResearch Sdn Bhd (AmResearch) reported.
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