Bridging the wild divide

THE heartbreaking photos of a tigress and her two foetuses greeted many social media users on their gadgets two weeks ago. The tiger had been accidentally run over by a car bound for Kuala Terengganu along the East Coast Expressway... more »

Bridging the gap

SOMEWHERE in last week’s column, the Eye briefly mentioned the popular trend of taking a gap year among youngsters who have just finished their secondary education in developed countries. A gap year basically means taking some time off from studying,... more »

How far will a degree get you?

IN an exclusive interview with a national daily recently, Deputy Minister of Education Senator Chong Sin Woon stated that a university degree does not guarantee a ticket to securing a job. In this particular interview, he was primarily referring to... more »

Dark romances revisited

IN 2012, the Eye wrote about online love scams operating out of Malaysia. Back then, it was already mentioned in the column that Malaysia was the hub for these love scams. In 2014, statistics and surveys found that Malaysia still... more »

Of scum and identity theft

IT seems that as we sit here comfortably in our chairs this Sunday, Malaysia is fast being plagued by diverse groups of scum. Scum who run scams to make a quick buck out of the desperate and also other scum.... more »

Netflix or net-lag?

MOVIE and television buffs woke up mid-week to news that Netflix had finally expanded its services to 130 countries including Malaysia. The news was shared, tweeted and re-posted through social media with most residents here responding with glee and joy... more »
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