A morning at Old Folks’ Street

    MIRI: Chang Yi, a prolific writer whom we had dated for breakfast at 6.30am was late by some five minutes, fuming: “All the 12 traffic light junctions were jammed.” With the recent cold-blooded drive-by shooting at one of the traffic... more »

    Cliff-hanger in Rumah Mering Madang

    BINTULU: Every single downpour in the last two years got the folk of Rumah Mering Madang in Tubau worried sick for one simple reason—possible disappearance of their 20-door longhouse! When it rains heavy, everyone will have sleepless nights. They will... more »

    SK Kuala Kebulu in dire straits

    Relocating it to opposite Sungai Jelalong urgent as many lives at stake with floods eroding its foundation BINTULU: The proposed plan to relocate SK Kuala Kebulu in Tubau must be treated with utmost urgency not only because the school is... more »
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