What do we need from now?

Sarawak is going to be where the action is for oil palm. Peninsular Malaysia has already run out of suitable areas and there is little room left in Sabah. But in Sarawak the planted area can probably be doubled. What... more »

Is the golden bull trend ending?

In the 1990s, gold caught no attention when interest yields were riding high and equities were paying out good dividends to investors. Nevertheless, when stock prices crunched and bonds prices increased progressively in recent years, funds naturally moved into commodities... more »

SCORE: Developing Sarawak

Bakun Hydroelectric Dam: Backbone for SCORE developmentWith the growing demand for clean sustainable energy globally, Bakun Hydroelectic Dam (Bakun Dam) is set to become the power backbone for Sarawak’s SCORE development, supplying affordable energy for heavy industries as well as for... more »
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