A promising educational family

THIS month I was privileged to attend four very different kinds of events in four educational institutions in Negeri Sembilan. At Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Raja Melewar, I reunited over breakfast with the teacher trainees who performed at the Konsert... more »

Spare time entrepreneurship

IN his book ‘Cognitive Surplus’, Clay Shirky argues that following the Second World War, dramatic economic development had created an excess of free time. This accumulation of free time, estimated to be in the order of a trillion hours per... more »

Choking on food silently

COUGHING is a normal defence mechanism to expel food or liquid that gets swallowed or “aspirated” down the wrong way. But for some, in particular those with swallowing problems, this coughing reflex may not occur. They choke with no signs... more »

Terrifying typhoons

OFTEN we read about or see in the press or on television descriptions and images of a typhoon whipping up seas and flooding lowland areas as well as accounts of the aftermath. Fortunately, I have only experienced the tail end... more »

Speaking through pictures

HOW do children who cannot speak communicate with the people around them? This is a dilemma parents have to grapple with when their daughter or son is non-verbal. The speech impairment could be the result of cerebral palsy, autism and... more »
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