The wonderful change

“WE should not take away what are rightfully the people’s” I was awed. I really love it. Those are the words of our Prime Minister. Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak was speaking at the Prime Minister’s Department monthly assembly in... more »

Cat tales

MY wife and I share our home with three cats. We don’t treat them as pets but as kids in the family. They are therapeutic in many ways and their antics entertain me no end. Truth be told, I spend... more »

Crowdsourcing education

WITH the advent of social media and the evolution of the Internet into the lifeblood of modern society, the world has never been more connected and accessible. Through Twitter and LinkedIn, we are directly ‘connected’ to celebrities and leaders who... more »


THE word ‘cockerel’ appears to have been first used in English in the 15th century. Later, the American word ‘rooster’, from old English via Dutch, was born. Whatever its origin, the word rooster has stuck in my craw and is... more »
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