A clarion call for action

THE Rulers rarely make public collective statements. There was one in October 2008, which condemned those who disputed provisions in the Federal Constitution based on a cursory knowledge of history. Another was issued in October 2010, where the Rulers called... more »

Surviving the new reality

IN this combative climate, it is difficult for even the stubborn optimist to see a silver lining. The ringgit hitting record lows against the US dollar, a volatile stock exchange reacting to hot money flows, and the downward spiral of... more »

When the winds blow

IN my younger years, often spent on mountain tops in high winds, driving rain and snow blizzards in the United Kingdom, and then later in life driving through torrential monsoonal rains in Sabah and Sarawak, I thought that I had... more »

Try to remember

THE Mid-Autumn Festival or Mooncake Festival usually comes and goes quietly but with its own style. This year, the Festival came with a bang amidst various events, reflecting the chaotic and shadowy state of the land – both in the... more »
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