What would you queue for?

What would you wait in line for? My answer is – when I have no other way out. For example, queuing at an immigration checkpoint to get important matters done such as renewing travel documents, paying bills, doing some banking... more »

Aal izz well with 3 idiots

I watched a lot of Hindi movies during my teens. My late father was then managing a theatre – which meant I could watch movies free. However, Free did not mean watch as you like. All movies must be viewed... more »

Police power challenged

THE deafening silence among politicians and community leaders over the storming of the Sibu Hospital early in the week by an armed gang to beat up a man in the Accident and Emergency Ward is baffling. What was even more... more »

Not a voice in the wilderness

I WAS pleasantly surprised by our woman minister, Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim’s first post-election speech, vowing to get to the bottom of allegations of sexual exploitation and rape cases against Penan women which have been sparking public outcry since 2008.... more »

A let-down but not quite

WHILE the GE13 results tally showed BN39, PR2, a SMS came in, saying opposition Pakatan Rakyat de-facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had declared victory. Congratulatory messages to the new Mr Prime Minister flooded the social media sites within minutes.... more »

Digital fasting

STOP clicking and think for a moment about how you spend your time online. They are all the rage nowadays – facebook, twitter, instagram, Google+ – and we should be challenged to take a hard look at our Internet usage.... more »

It can happen anywhere

  MY friend BP who lives in America with her husband and three lovely children has been greeting the world by posting pictures of Spring for the past week. Indeed, the signs of spring are everywhere. But on Tuesday morning... more »

The flag flies high

IT’S hard to miss the fluttering weighing scale, rocket and blue eyes flags these days. We have reached the height of the political season with the announcement of the dissolution of Parliament by Prime Minister on Wednesday (April 3). It’s... more »
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