Cheering on the faithful

FOR many years, Steve Green tried to prove to God and the world that he was really good and also the best Christian artist around. “The real motivation in my life was I want to glorify God in my life... more »

The world is watching

AS the hopelessly outgunned intruders from the Southern Philippines are fighting a losing battle against the Malaysian armed forces in Sabah, the self-proclaimed Sulu sultan Jamalul Kiram is waging a propaganda war against Malaysia in Manila. He is turning to... more »

What would you have done?

AN accident caused oil to spill onto the road. The vehicles involved were removed but nobody seemed to remember to clear the oil slick on the road. A typical scene at a road mishap. An expatriate happened to drive by... more »

Najib, the drummer

A LITTE bird told me if I did not watch the special short video, showing our Prime Minister beating the drum, then I must. I heard Najib was deejaying a pre-Chinese New Year programme, sending greetings to the Chinese community... more »

Politics of colours

Violet, my friend, who believes in feng shui, said: “That seems to be the only suitable colour left for me to wear during Chinese New Year.” She revealed she bought a blue cheongsam as this year comes under the Zodiac... more »

Home sweet home

MANY years ago, the Americans sent a delegation to France. Their mission was to search through Gallic cemeteries for the grave of a man that had been left unmarked – and to disinter the body and bring it back to... more »

Fishing up history

WE were fishing at Port Hughes Jetty on the Yorke Peninsular of South Australia, about 165km from the state capital of Adelaide. I took a stroll along the jetty and met the Nugget family of three generations – grandpa, papa... more »
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