Singing peace stories

THE story began at Wattay Airport (Vientiane, Laos) where I met Johann Veronica, the third secretary in the Embassy of the Republic of Philippines in Kuala Lumpur, on October 2. Johann told me her Ambassador would be visiting Kuching later... more »

My way

LAST week, I was torn between two worlds of different contrasting emotions, affected by the way politicians from both sides of the fence responded to the Automated Enforcement System (AES) issue and how the media handled the erotic act on... more »

Caught in the act

THE latest addition to the acronyms in the country is AES – Automated Enforcement System. It has stayed at the top of the ‘hot issues’ chart among politicians and the public for the past two weeks or so. It’s hot.... more »

Everyone’s a little bit racist

IT must have been a blue Sunday for Amy Cheong of Singapore when she posted expletive-laden comments on her facebook about Malay weddings taking place at the foot of the public housing block. Probably annoyed by the noise, she wrote:... more »

Refuge of the last dreamers

I WAS a dreamer in a delightful paradise where time stands still in gentle stillness and silence under the full moon of a mid-Autumn night. Marthe Bassene, a French writer, had described Luang Prabang as a refuge of last dreamers,... more »

Three times a lady

MIRACLE heart girl Tee Hui Yee passed away last week, eleven days before her 19th  birthday. Hui Yee made headlines five years ago when she underwent her first heart transplant at the National Heart Institute in October 2007. Her body... more »

Who switched the price tags?

A PICTURE tells a thousand words. But what if the picture is not quite the truth? Russell Frank, a professor of journalism ethics, once noted: “Whoever said the camera never lies was a liar.” He was commenting on an incident... more »

The place to begin

FLYING across the spacious skies and looking down at the forests, mountains and rivers below, my best vision of Fair Land Sarawak has always been one of love, peace and forgiveness. Many still remember singing this beautiful anthem of Sarawak:... more »
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