‘I was not invited’

ON Merdeka Day at 7.07am, Sibu MP Wong Ho Leng tweeted: “Sibu is the centre of Merdeka celebration in Swk. No opposition MPs/ADUNs were invited to event tho we have majority support here!” I sensed the bitterness – being singled... more »

Too good to be true …

IT was a Zeek week. A number of my friends were excited about the Zeek Rewards. They zeeked over dinner. They zeeked over every conversation. They zeeked over every opportunity to share with friends and invited them on board this... more »

Does the end justify the means?

“RAFIZI is not a messenger.” I nearly choked on my coffee when a senior lawyer said this to me over a cuppa one Sunday morning. He was quick to clarify: “He does not qualify himself as whistleblower in Malaysia. The... more »

Oh, dear!

A LITTLE girl hurt her finger. She ran to her daddy who was a preacher. Engrossed in his studies, he just took a look and said: “Oh, that will be all right.” Then he sent her away. The little girl... more »
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