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THIS WEEK, I had a nice brunch with a friend at a stall away from the city centre, where, he said, serves the best chicken rice. He drew me a map which he proudly called “GPS” to show me the... more »

A grieving grandfather’s tribute

KHIM Voon, an awesome friend, shared a tribute, written by a grandfather, on her Facebook the day the world showed their collective concern over the unexpected election of Donald Trump to the White House. The article was written in Chinese.... more »

Blowin’ in the wind

I AM not a great fan of Bob Dylan. And of the many hit songs he composed, Blowin’ in the Wind is the one I like. Music magazines reported Dylan as saying he wrote that song in a café, claiming... more »

We have stories to tell

THE elevator or lift began its journey at 3.50am with three persons inside. By the time it reached its destination at 4.45am, there were not three but four persons coming out from it. It was in the wee hours of... more »

Sympathy and insensitivity

WHEN a friend forwarded to me the Youtube link on Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s speech at the UN General Assembly recently, I thought it was not all that bad – he was making a good effort to get the... more »

Kinder surprises

I THOUGHT it was the worst trip abroad I had ever made. I felt miserable on the morning I was about to leave for home. But on my way to Frankfurt airport by train, I was seated opposite a fine... more »

Reading books and longevity

A recent Washington Post headline read: “Good news on National Book Lovers Day: A chapter a day might keep the Grim Reaper away – at least a little longer.” The newspaper was quoting a study by Yale University researchers, published... more »

The road ‘they’ travelled

IT’S August 31. Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka were splashed all over the newspapers in the peninsula. Indeed, images and comments of Independence Day have been widely publicised, all with the hope to unite Malaysians by reminding them of how momentous a... more »
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