The doctor in the house apologises

MALAYSIANS were quick to respond to Olympic badminton silver medalist Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s “I’m sorry” tweet after he was denied the glittering gold by China’s Chen Long. They all declared in accord that Chong Wei need not apologise. Indeed,... more »

Not ‘rob’ but on merits

ONE of our Rio Olympics 2016 badminton stories in Sabah carried the headline “M’sian pair rob China of final spot.” One reader promptly protested: “Malaysia didn’t ‘ROB’ China pair. We beat them. Rob is cheating or stealing. We did not.... more »

Pokeman Go or No Go?

NO Pokemon Go in the office – I dropped this reminder to our journalists’ Whatsapp Group. Shortly after, I realised I could be sending a wrong message. It could be misread as our office not being a Pokestop that allows... more »

An elusive age-old dream

“Funds amounting to RM1.15 million, diverted from the former 1MDB subsidiary SRC International, have allegedly been used to pay for anti-ageing growth hormones and home renovation.” I was staring at the news flash on my computer screen on Wednesday (Aug... more »

What are friends for?

LATELY, some bullfrogs found a home at the drain outside my apartment. Whenever it rains, they will start croaking … all night long. Their throaty serenade is monotonous – no, certainly not a lullaby, and it keeps me wide awake... more »

Is it too sexy or costly?

WHO is Selena Gomez? Here is the answer from Qing, a girl a year older than Selena. I had asked her for an immediate reply (with no googling). “I don’t have much impression of her because I’m kinda old school.... more »

The ant and the contact lens

ELIZABETH Elliot who died last June, was an author, speaker and one of the most influential Christian women of our time. She once told the true story of a woman who lost a contact lens while rock-climbing one day. Just... more »

Sow the wind reap the whirlwind

THE morning after the thunderstorm, two love birds which have made my balcony their home, started winging in with twigs to build a new nest. No doubt, their love patch could not have been spared by such a forceful thunderstorm... more »
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