The kryptonite in my diet

I LOVED all things potatoes. They were perfect in satiating my carbohydrate cravings. I would never say no to them whatever way they were cooked. Recipe books on potatoes graced my bookshelf. They are featured plentifully in Hainanese and Peranakan... more »

Misplaced priorities

FOR most of last year, I hardly had time to gallivant around the neighbourhood. My wife and I left the house early in the morning and only arrived home late in the evening. As soon as we reached home, I... more »

A year of great changes

ALL is quiet except for the constant whirring of the table fan used for circulating the air in the bedroom rather than for cooling. The cats are sound asleep. So is my wife. She hasn’t had a good night’s rest... more »

How to survive a crisis

DEALING with a major crisis can be overwhelming. From being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease to being struck by an accident, resulting in serious injuries, we are usually at a loss on what to do in the beginning. Because these... more »
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