Leaving my comfort zone

MY paralysis is so severe that I do not have intrinsic hand function. This means I do not have the fine motor skills essential for many activities of daily living. I have great difficulty manipulating small objects and even holding... more »

Urban challenges for disabled people

THE ninth session of the World Urban Forum (WUF9) is currently ongoing at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The conference, the largest United Nations conference on sustainable urban development and cities, runs until Tuesday (Feb 13). It is convened by... more »

Be bold in pushing for change

TWO weeks ago, I was invited as one of the speakers for a forum organised by the Asean University Network – Disability and Public Policy Network (AUN-DPPnet). It was held at the Institute of Leadership and Development in Negeri Sembilan.... more »

Respect the queue

THE lift was packed full. I was in the front with my wife. Behind me was a man with a kid in a pram. He had pressed to go off one floor before us. It was a rather small lift.... more »

Bad news and good news

THIS has been a year of high drama for me. From being invited to speak at a prestigious international conference, to getting stranded inside an aircraft for one hour and being engaged by the airline to provide training on proper... more »
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