A morning well spent

MY renal function has deteriorated further since last December. It got so bad that my name is firmly on the list for the Tenckhoff catheter insertion in July. This is to allow me to perform peritoneal dialysis to remove toxins... more »

Lessons from the elections

MANY disability-rights activists have been working to improve the life of disabled people for decades. I know some who have been working since the 1970s and have passed on. Their roles have been taken over by people from the next... more »

My day at the polls

MY wife and I would not have missed the 14th general election for anything. It was a chance for us to collectively decide with other eligible citizens the leadership of the country for the next five years. We had it... more »

Disabled people and the election

WHAT has the general election got to do with disabled people? Everything. This is the time for us to assert our status as citizens. This is the one time where our vote is equal to everyone else’s, although the effort... more »

Random acts of kindness

I WORK half a day only. That is as much strength as I can muster. After that, my energy level and concentration goes down. I would spend the rest of the day observing my fellow trainers in their sessions to... more »

Meeting the CEO of ERL

AFTER recounting my accident of falling off the wheelchair while boarding the KLIA Transit in this column, I received an email from the CEO of Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL) Noormah Mohd Noor. She apologised for the lapse in... more »
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