I was an angry man last week

THERE is a child in me who has never grown up. At this age, I am still a big fan of that time-travelling blue-coloured robotic cat in Japanese manga fondly known as Doraemon. The earliest encounters I had with this... more »

Giving back meaningfully

DECEMBER is the month that makes many of us warm and fuzzy all over. Christmas is just around the corner. A brand new year comes just after that. The air of festivity is clear and crisp. There is no escaping... more »

My Ah Mah’s legacy

MY Ah Mah, my paternal grandmother, lived in an old bungalow on stilts. A rambutan tree with branches spreading out in all directions occupied the front yard. It provided ample shade from the sun, and fruits when they were in... more »

Against all odds“

WHO is this woman who keeps talking and massaging my hands and legs? I do not know her at all!” That question went through Albert Au Yang’s mind as he lay in bed. He looked around. It was an unfamiliar... more »

Between life and death

SEVERAL news articles that I read recently got me thinking again about the worth of life. They were stories on one person — Timothy Bowers. The 32-year-old man owned a successful mechanic shop in Indiana in the United States. He... more »

One tough cookie

STATURE and gender do not tell the real stories of one’s strength. Rather, it is the acceptance of challenges and overcoming them that defines a person. Be it a diminutive lady or a strapping hunk, both have the ability to... more »
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