Wonderful Wuan

IT is incredible how friendships can be forged from conversations exchanged over the Internet between people who are hundreds or even thousands of kilometres apart. That was how Wuan and I met, in one of the channels of the Internet... more »

My principles in life

LIFE is a great teacher, especially when one is down and out. Those times of struggling and looking for answers to the meaning of life have taught me many valuable lessons. I am still a student. I guess we all... more »

My life has come full circle

IT is difficult for disabled persons to be gainfully employed due to multiple factors. Inaccessibility in the built environment and public transport is a major hindrance. The lack of academic qualifications, skills and support services are the other issues contributing... more »

A friend like no other

THE first time I met Jenny Tan, I was garbed in a white hospital-style cotton blouse and sarong although I was already discharged from the hospital a few months earlier. I was referred to her for physiotherapy. My mother had... more »

National Day reflections

TODAY we celebrate National Day. As with previous years, I have taken the opportunity to look back and ponder over the meaning of this day. How far have we progressed from that momentous day when the British lowered the Union... more »
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