Four steps to empowerment and change

IGNORANCE is not bliss where disability rights are concerned. The lack of awareness often leads to abuse, oppression and discrimination. Disabled persons who are oblivious of these rights accept that the unfair treatments they receive are the direct result of... more »

Of quacks and snake oil pedlars

“WHAT is wrong with you?” a stranger asked as I passed by him outside a shop. He had been observing me from a distance. “There is nothing wrong with me,” I responded, feigning ignorance. I already knew where the question... more »

The bane of man-made barriers

MY teenage years in the Boy Scout troop were full of adventures. We hiked across jungle trails to camp at secluded beaches. Two of the more strenuous activities that I enjoyed were cycling around the island of Penang and abseiling... more »

Privileges and rights

SATURDAYS are grocery shopping days for my wife Wuan and me. We usually spend a few hours at the supermarket in a shopping mall to stock up on fresh food that we need for the following week such as fish,... more »

Don’t abuse accessible facilities

IT was impossible to miss the wheelchair logos painted on the pillar and floor. The signboard at the front of the parking space indicated that vehicles without a sticker would be clamped. A penalty of RM100 would be imposed for... more »

In times of disaster

HOW prepared are we in dealing with the evacuation and rescue of disabled persons in Malaysia in the event of disasters? After an eight-year journey in searching for answers, I am still no closer to finding a government policy or... more »
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