Don’t abuse accessible facilities

IT was impossible to miss the wheelchair logos painted on the pillar and floor. The signboard at the front of the parking space indicated that vehicles without a sticker would be clamped. A penalty of RM100 would be imposed for... more »

In times of disaster

HOW prepared are we in dealing with the evacuation and rescue of disabled persons in Malaysia in the event of disasters? After an eight-year journey in searching for answers, I am still no closer to finding a government policy or... more »

Stand up and be counted

THE Persons with Disabilities Act 2008 (PWD Act 2008) has been in force for five years. One of the main complaints against this Act is that it is non-punitive. Many of us see it as toothless because there are no... more »

Universal design

MANY accessible facilities in public buildings are non-functional from day one. This is a poor reflection of the people who design buildings as a profession. The facilities are included without considering how safe and functional they are for disabled people.... more »

Getting it right

ONE would expect that the wheelchair logo beside a male and female symbol to indicate a toilet suitable for disabled persons. That was what I used to believe, until I had a couple of nasty experiences using them. I was... more »
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