The right to be ordinary

I DREAM of strolling by the beach with my wife Wuan, enjoying the briny taste of the air and the sensation of waves lapping on our feet. I dream of traipsing jungle trails, embracing the greenery and soaking in the... more »

A mother’s love

DURING the third trimester of her pregnancy, Rafidah Rafizah Ahmad was told she carried twins but that one had died. The situation put the surviving twin at risk of suffering heart and brain problems. Further tests revealed that the surviving... more »

Happy Mother’s Day

HER once luxuriant and thick hair was now sparse and white, barely covering her scalp. The steroids that she had been taking to treat her leukaemia made the sides of her face puff up. The skin on her arms were... more »

The game changer

WHEN I first got involved in disability rights activism, I often wondered how I could be more effective in pushing for changes. What could I do to make a society that is typically reactive become one that is proactive? It... more »

Independent Living

INDEPENDENT Living is a movement of disabled people working towards self-respect, self-determination and the right to live in the community. It all began with Ed Roberts, who is considered the father of the Independent Living Movement. He and his entire... more »

Why disabled people must vote

“MY one vote will not change anything.” That was what I used to think. Imagine, a constituency full of like-minded people. In that case, we deserve the politicians who get voted in due to our apathy. These politicians may not... more »

Adventures of a first time voter

THE announcement that had the entire nation waiting in anticipation has come to pass. Our Prime Minister finally dissolved parliament on Wednesday. Once again, as a citizen, I am raring to exercise my right to vote for candidates who will... more »
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