Why disabled people must vote

“MY one vote will not change anything.” That was what I used to think. Imagine, a constituency full of like-minded people. In that case, we deserve the politicians who get voted in due to our apathy. These politicians may not... more »

Adventures of a first time voter

THE announcement that had the entire nation waiting in anticipation has come to pass. Our Prime Minister finally dissolved parliament on Wednesday. Once again, as a citizen, I am raring to exercise my right to vote for candidates who will... more »

Unstoppable Fariz

WHEN faced with devastating life-changing situations, many of us wished we could turn back the clock. We wished we could have done it differently, led a healthier lifestyle or avoided that split second before a horrific accident. The reality is... more »

Enabling technology

FOR someone who did not get to go out often, there used to be very few alternatives for me to fill those long hours at home. I spent a lot of my time in front of the television but there... more »

Life on the edge

VISITS to the hospital are humbling experiences for me. Seeing sickly people with an anguished demeanour is a stark reminder of my own mortality. For that reason, I used to dislike going to the hospital. I still do. The smell... more »

The language of disability

THE terminologies related to disability are still evolving. We have not reached a consensus where the terms we use are universally acceptable by everyone. Depending on a person’s orientation, what is offensive to some is acceptable to others. Nonetheless, I... more »

The long and twisted path

MY life after the accident was unnerving. The physiological aspects of my body were drastically altered and no longer functioned like they used to. I was like a baby having to learn everything anew. The spinal cord is a bundle... more »

The state of accessible facilities

THROUGHOUT the 28 years that I have been using a wheelchair, I have always faced significant problems whenever I am out and about. The built environment and public transport system in Malaysia are severely lacking in accessible facilities. That is... more »
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