The real meaning of disability

“WHAT is a meaning of disability?” I asked the participants in one of my Disability Equality Training workshops. “Unable to take care of oneself because of paralysis,” one participant answered, “and require help in doing it”. “We all have a... more »

A decade of bliss

My wife Wuan and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary last Friday. We marked the momentous milestone with a quiet candlelight dinner together. We have never done this before. In the previous years, we allowed it to slip by without... more »

Where there is a will

IT has been seven months since my first meeting with Malaysia Airlines group chief executive officer Peter Bellew. After I was stranded inside the aircraft for one hour in Bangkok, I wrote an open letter to him in this column... more »

Life’s cruel joke

SOMETIMES I have a feeling life is playing a cruel joke on me. For all the years when my health was better, I was mostly idling at home looking for ways to kill time. Work was occasional. I had wished... more »
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