Adat in the state and nation

“MALAY adat is a dull subject,” wrote RJ Wilkinson at the beginning of his ‘Papers on Malay Subjects’, which he wrote and compiled in the first decade of the 20th century. Despite that underwhelming introduction, he described in significant detail... more »

Finding optimism for 2019

IT has been a momentous year for Malaysia, but ‘momentous’ does not necessarily mean ‘good’, nor ‘in the long term’.  Since our historic general election, there have been a mix of developments that have altered the moods of many Malaysians.... more »

Calculating Paskal’s theorem

Paskal is a good movie. And it is an important movie. It is a good movie because it contains, to an impressive standard, all the features most movie-goers expect when they shell out for a ticket: fine acting, a gripping... more »

Reminders behind the familiar

IN going through the motions of familiar rituals, one sometimes needs to be reminded of why one is doing them. In Seri Menanti on the eve of Hari Raya Haji, the maghrib and isyak prayers are punctuated by the firing... more »
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