Aquatic equanimity

I WAS looking for the word to best describe my recent travels on water. How does one encapsulate the uniquely therapeutic effect of the continuous sound of the sea being splashed by a murmuring vessel as it makes its path?... more »

Mapping the ideal Malaysia

THIS building named for our greatest Prime Minister, and this hall named for his greatest achievement, is an apt venue for this summit entitled ‘Youth Arise: Mapping the Ideal Malaysia’. To map something is to present all the available data... more »

Electing constitutional supremacy

THE Yang di-Pertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan’s recent royal birthday address called for those in positions of authority to defend, protect and guarantee the independence of the national institutions of law, justice and administration, and that this also applies to... more »

Bridging over shutdowns

IN September 2013, I began my travels across the United States of America on the Eisenhower Fellowship: an initiative that began in 1953 as an international leader exchange programme for non-Americans to better understand the US, and for Americans to... more »

An exposition of freer trade

IN 1851, the Great Exhibition was held in London, with the purpose-built Crystal Palace (the structure with the greatest area of glass ever seen) housing a triumphalist display of British industry, science and culture. Co-organised by Prince Albert, the event... more »
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