Beating for cultural freedom

AFTER witnessing some extraordinary silat performances at Teratak Tok Cindai in Kepong, my brain was trying to comprehend the amazing feats of jumping, rolling and fighting involving spark-generating swords in high-speed fights (which, even if choreographed, is extremely dangerous). But... more »

Vicissitudes at Carcosa

“WE shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us,” said Sir Winston Churchill. Carcosa has played its part in the history of the Federated Malay States, the Federation of Malaya, and then Malaysia; and each marking an evolution in... more »

Malaysia’s opportunity for Asian democracy

LIBERATION and democratisation in Asia is a complex story. Our continent is geographically so vast and is home to so many different cultural and religious narratives that have given rise to multiple justifications for political legitimacy; and our myriad interactions... more »

Timeless in Seri Menanti

The cannon I WAS designed and built as a weapon for war, but those duties – last performed during the fight against communism – are long gone. Now I announce duty and celebration to the people of the valley. Seven... more »

Ramadan in the new Malaysia

RAMADAN is about cleansing and purification, and for most Muslims it is both a joy and a challenge to be as productive while fulfilling the religious obligations.  For me the daily routine of this year’s fasting has been similar to... more »

A maze for Maszlee

Within a week of the general election I visited four different educational institutions for equally different reasons. The first was Cempaka Cheras, to watch their performance of Happy Days, involving primary and secondary level students from both their national- and... more »

Instituting institutional hope

AFTER the electoral tsunami, the political volcano has been spewing ceaselessly with the lava of change. We barely have time to absorb one eruption before the next occurs: as I write, the loudest has been the release of Datuk Seri... more »
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