Looking back to look up

THIS is my sixth Syawal since I began writing for Malaysian newspapers. For Hari Raya Aidilfitri 1429 (Oct 1, 2008), celebrated at my parents’ house in Seremban, I wrote about the variety of headgear (songkoks, kopiahs, serbans, selendangs, tudungs) observed... more »

Our sovereignty is not for trade

THE government’s strategy in convincing us of the benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership has been too opaque. This has fuelled distrust and led to a situation in which accusations about the evils of the TPP are left unchallenged. It is... more »

A fearful symmetry

IT was International Tiger Day on Monday, and the big news was that the number of wild tigers in Nepal has increased by 63 per cent since 2009, to 198. There are around 500 in Malaysia, and the WWF wants... more »

No benefit in being (or looking) intolerant

WEIGHING in at 3.8kg, the new Prince of Cambridge was not ‘whale-like’ at birth, but even if he does exhibit elephantine proportions as king, he may recall the legacy of two famous well-nourished predecessors: Queen Victoria and Henry VIII (supposedly... more »

Titillating Titas

REGULAR readers will be familiar with my laments at the woeful state of the education of history in our country: in particular, the need for the inculcation of a shared (but contestable) national history, the importance of that history in... more »

Holding fast to practice

THE arrival of Ramadan brings with it familiar sights and sounds – though I learnt in an interview with BFM’s Umapagan Ampikaipakan to promote my book (‘Roaming Beyond the Fence’ featuring forewords by Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah and Tony Pua, RM39.90... more »

No tradition without representation

I NIPPED down to the Dewan Rakyat this week and caught a glimpse of the parliamentary action that has been widely reported in the newspapers. The foyer around the chamber was buzzing with special officers and interns brisk-walking, hands clutching... more »

Hazier diplomacy

I DID not do justice to the haze last week. It is far worse, invading almost every aspect of our lives: I mentioned the effects on health, productivity, tourism, transport and education but we’ve also had cancellations of sports events... more »
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